10 Construction Site Security Tips

10 Construction Site Security Tips

Thieves often target contruction sites due to a combination of high-value goods and the open nature of a job site.

Theft of raw building materials such as copper, handheld tools, whitegoods and heating and water systems are the most commonly stolen items.

Thieves are most likely to target construction sites during weekday evenings and vandalism is most likely to happen on weekend evenings.

Construction sites can suffer thousands of dollars worth of loss and damage which can put a project on hold for weeks or months at a time and increase costs.

There are 2 main types of Construction Site Thief
The first type of thief takes equipment then abandons it somewhere nearby. The equipment usually suffers damage and in most cases ends up as a write off.

The second type is conducted by organised crime groups and you most probably won't see your construction site equipment again.

10 Construction Site Security Tips
Depending on the job site, the location and the amount of tools and expensive equipment on site, there is always a level of risk associated with construction sites but here are a few tips to help you protect against theft and vandalism on your site.

1. Install High Fences at your construction site. On a side note, it is often a mandatory OH&S requirement to secure a construction site perimeter to protect any trespasser e.g. children from injury, and to protect the site owner from any subsequent legal action.

2. Keep an acurate record of your tools. Mark or engrave equipment with identification numbers and document the serial numbers for insurance and accountability purposes.

3. Lock up all tools at the end of the day and keeping accurate records of the movement of tools and equipment, to and from site

4. When it comes to materials, don’t over order to minimise supplies left on site and keep accurate records of the movement of materials to and from site

5. Only take delivery of whitegoods immediately before installation

6. Use temporary lighting to illuminate the building site and connect your lighting system to motion sensors

7. Introduce yourself to the neighbours and give them your contact details.

8. Install burglar alarms or surveillance cameras to scare away potential construction site intruders

9. Hire construction site security guards to do casual mobile patrols and look out for any suspicious activity

10. Hire permanent construction site static guards if you have a larger job site and keep your job site safe after hours.

Finding the right Construction Site Security Company
Finding the right construction site security company will protect your job site against theft and vandalism and save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

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