Event Checklist & Council Approval

Event Checklist & Council Approval

Are you planning an event?
One of the most important organisation to talk to is your local council.

Each council may have slightly different types of information and requirements for special events. In some cases the council may require you to lodge a formal development or event application. You should speak with your local council to find out their process for event approvals.

Here is a handy checklist of topics council may want to discuss:-
food and beverage
emergency vehicle access
erection of signage
expected crowd numbers and crowd management
location/site plan
erection of structures such as stages, amusement rides, etc.
waste management
first aid
traffic, transport and public transport
duration of event and timing of activities (including setting up and packing up the event)

You may also need more formal documentation including:-
risk assessment processes and risk management plan
emergency response plan
event site plan
building/owner consent from landowner/venue manager
permits/approvals—any licences, approvals or consents you receive to conduct your event
contracts—any agreements made with suppliers, authorities, performers, staff, volunteers, etc.
transport management plan

During the planning phase it is essential that you carefully consider potential risks involved.
The risks will depend on the nature of the event but could include:-
financial—from budget blowout, cancellation or poor attendance on event day
non-arrival of performers or deliveries of goods
equipment failure
property damage or loss
inadequate security
food poisoning
lost children
breach of noise restrictions
larger than expected crowds
extreme weather

With over 40yrs experience, our highly skilled and experienced safety risk management team deliver best practice safety management systems to both Government and corporate Australia.

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It is vital that you seek professional advice about the insurance required to cover your event.
The insurances you need might include:
public liability
workers’ compensation
motor vehicle insurance
professional indemnity liability
property (to cover your own equipment).

A security guard service licensed for crowd control and with events experience can provide invaluable expertise to help manage potential risks at your event.

It is highly recommended that you consider using security guards at your event if:-
large crowds are expected
large sums of money will be processed at the event
there will be alcohol at your event—either for sale or BYO. Note that for most large licensed events, the licensing arrangements will require that a minimum number of security officers be employed, who have been trained in the responsible service of alcohol
protection of assets is needed
your risk management planning identifies any other high security risks that are likely to occur at the event.

Jones XL specialise in supplying event security guards for public and private events, concerts, sporting events, corporate events, outdoor events, parties, exhibitions, school events and product launches.

We strongly recommend you liaise with us during the event planning stage.
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