Protect your valuable assets

Protect your valuable assets

Your business assets are the very foundation of your company. They represent a huge financial investment. Are you keeping track of them?

Assets can be either fixed, like buildings and machinery or moveable like tools, computers or even your products. Moveable assets are the ones most prone to misplacement, theft and damage. And this can be costly.

But employing an asset loss prevention strategy can help. Nowadays there are so many options available for tracking your assets; you can pick a solution that will work for you based on your asset type, budget and tech savviness.

Engraving or etching – perfect to help in the identification and recovery of assets that are misplaced or stolen.

Microscopic labelling – not only is it quick and easy, it allows you to register the assets in a National Database and provides ownership verification and evidence for insurance claims.

Microchip and GPS tracking – ideal for those larger and more costly assets, simply install, download the app and you’re ready for real time location tracking.

Tagging and barcoding – where you have a high volume of assets, a centralised system can be implemented to track physical location plus other relevant data.

Initiating a loss prevention strategy will save you both time and money. It will:

  • Reduce the likelihood of misplacement and theft

  • Help you understand the status and location of your assets

  • Minimise repair costs by assigning responsibility for your assets

As an added bonus a tagging system can be used to improve your inventory management process, giving you an accurate and centralised overview of your stock situation. This type of system recognises your business product as a moveable asset, one that is equally susceptible to mismanagement or loss.

Inventory management will benefit you by:

  • Giving an accurate representation of your product numbers and their rate of distribution, ensuring you have enough assets available when you need them

  • Lessening waste by ensuring you don’t have more assets available than required

  • Shortening lead times and allowing you to be responsive to customers and boost their satisfaction rates

If you aren’t already tracking your assets, or want help with improving your current systems, our Risk Management Consultants are here to help. They can advise you on best practices and make recommendations to suit your asset tracking needs.

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