8 Top Tips to Prevent Shoplifting

8 Top Tips to Prevent Shoplifting

Retail theft costs the Australian economy more than $2 billion a year. Retailers experience a wide range of crimes but shoplifting accounts for a massive 70% of all crime.

Here are our 8 Top Tips to preventing shoplifting, you can implement right now.

1. Lighting
Increase lighting store wide so there is no where to hide. No dark corners.
Instal security sensor lighting outside your store, front and back.

2. Visable security items
Security Signage inside and outside your store – advertise your security measures.
Well placed mirrors to prevent any blind corners and install security cameras.
Consider locked cabinets for your high value items.

3. Store layout
Take a look at your store design and traffic flow. Organise your displays to enable your staff maximum visability.
Move high value merchandise to the back of the store or away from exits. Consider shorter displays near exits.

4. Staffing Training
Make sure you have enough staff. Your employees are your eyes and ears. Train staff in how to spot potential shoplifters. Staff should engage with your customers, greeting and asking questions. Regular contact is a great deterrent.

5. POS technology
Check your user permissions and update your staff passwords/pins. Make sure your technology is up to date at your payment terminals, scanners and cash registers. Make sure your checkout areas are secure.

6. Cash Registers
At the end of the day, remove all your daily-takings. Consider leaving the cash register open and empty for passers-by to see. This sends a message to any would-be thief, that all cash has been removed from the store or business.

7. Lock up!
Double check all doors and windows before you leave. Maybe invest in security glass or bars. Shutters are a great deterrent for not only securing the premises but completely blocking visability to store merchandise.

8. Security Guard
Hiring a security guard is a proven and effective deterrent.
Retail security services will provide a visual deterrent in the form of a uniformed presence. Plus, a trained security guard not only knows how to spot shoplifters but will know exactly what to do when needed. Call today 1300 566 379 or Email

Jones XL provide fully qualified, licensed and professional security guards as per the Security Industry Act 1998 and hold a current First Aid Certificate and an OH&S Green Card.

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