Shopping Centre Security Top 6 Challenges

Shopping Centre Security Top 6 Challenges

        Knowing about these six common security risks at shopping centres makes it easier to keep everyone safe... And THEFT is by far one of the most challenging issues.

Shopping Centre Security Guards maintain the overall safety of the shopping centre and everybody inside or out in the car park.  With so many people, it is vital to create a peaceful and safe environment for not only the visitors, but the staff too.
Knowing about these six common security risks at shopping centres makes it easier to keep everyone safe.
Theft is by far, one of the most challenging issues.

TOP 6 Security Challenges

1. Theft
Shoplifting rates are on the rise. In fact, the top most commonly shoplifted items are Packed meat, Baby formula, Razor blades and Cosmetics. Preventing shoplifting for retailers is a major concern both for stores and shopping centre management. Employees and security guards keep watch for signs of suspicious activity.

2. Vandalism
Young people, in particular, see shopping centres as an easy target for damaging property, unless proper shopping centre security measures like CCTV cameras are in place. Tagging is preventable with a greater in-person security presence, since teens tend to vandalise areas with low visibility.

3. Violent Altercations
Security guards are always on the lookout for signs of arguments or conflicts so they can take immediate steps to de-escalate the situation.  Big sales for example Boxing Day, can also ramp up the tension between shoppers, increasing the need for extra security guards.

4. Unauthorised Entry
Security systems should include access control for delivery/employee entrances and exits. Security is essential when people are carrying large boxes or other types of items that may arouse suspicion.

5. Lost Children
A combination of distracted parents, enticing toys, and large crowds greatly increase the chances for lost children. If a parent reports a missing child, the security team can enact specific protocols to make sure no one leaves the building with the lost child.

6. Car Parks
Thieves often take advantage of people spending hours in shopping centres to break into shoppers’ vehicles. Security teams can monitor parking lot cameras and patrol the areas to increase safety outside.

Security Shopping Centre Specialists
Trained to the highest standards, our security staff are experts in identifying and responding to matters such as loss prevention, emergency response, crowd control, car park management as well as domestic disputes, gang related activities, juvenile delinquency and anti-social behaviour.

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