Shopping Centre Security | Retail Security

Shopping Centre Security | Retail Security

Retail Security Team specialising in loss prevention, conflict resolution and ensuring the security and safety of all staff and shoppers alike.

Reliable retail security
With decades of experience, we specialise in providing bespoke retail security services and matching the most suitable retail security guard for your company. All of our security officers can act as a highly effective theft deterrent, from both customers and staff.

All our security guards are fully trained in retail-relevant duties, including; Loss prevention, Conflict management, CCTV operations and Accident & Emergency strategies. 

Retail security guards that will represent your brand
We understand that customer service is a huge part of the role of security guards. Maintaining security and safety whilst demonstrating excellent customer service skills ensures everyone in store can feel safe and embrace the presence of a security guard, rather than uncomfortable. Our Retail Security Guards will act as an extension of your current team and represent your business and brand to the highest possible standards.

Security Shopping Centre Specialists
Shopping centres are often busy, bustling places. Our Shopping Centre Security Guards maintain the overall safety of the shopping centre and everybody inside or out in the car park.  With so many people, it is vital to create a peaceful and safe environment for not only the visitors, but the staff too.

Investing in a reliable security service is extremely important for the safety of your assets, your staff and your visitors. When looking for a security company to work with, you should always make sure that they have undertaken extensive background checks.

Trained to the highest standards, our proactive security staff are experts in identifying and responding to matters such as:

  • Loss prevention
  • Conflict management
  • CCTV operations
  • Emergency response
  • Crowd control
  • Car park management
  • Domestic disputes
  • Gang related activities
  • Juvenile delinquency
  • Anti-social behaviour

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