Construction Site Security | Building Site Security Sydney

Construction Site Security | Building Site Security Sydney

Construction Sites are at very high risk of threats such as vandalism, arson and theft. Securing your construction site is vitally important to prevent the loss of valuable tools, machinery and materials, as well as keeping the public and workers safe.

Theft of expensive equipment; vandalism and arson; risk of serious injury and trespassing. From ground works to completion, Jones XL construction security can can offer you peace of mind.

Our building site security guards can log all vehicles and deliveries; log and escort visitors to the construction office; secure entrance and patrol during non-operating hours.

Thieves often target construction sites due to a combination of high-value goods and the open nature of a job site. Indeed, theft of raw building materials such as copper, hand held tools, white goods and heating and water systems are the most commonly stolen items.

Our response and reporting system lets you access our daily, weekly and monthly reports, giving you an in-depth view of how our Security Service is being delivered.

Children are also a major issue for construction sites. Their unauthorised access can be extremely dangerous and our security staff handle these issues in a sensitive but firm manner.

Construction sites can suffer thousands of dollars worth of loss and damage which can put a project on hold for weeks or months and increase costs.

Choosing the right Construction Site Security Company
Choosing the right construction site security company is imperative. Choosing Jones XL will ensure your construction site is protected against theft, vandalism and unauthorised access saving you thousands of dollars in the long run.

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