Event Checklist & Council Approval

Are you planning an event? One of the most important organisation to talk to is your local council. You should speak with your local council to find out their process for event approvals. Find out more...

Christmas Party Safety

The festive season is a chance for businesses to celebrate the year and bring some joy into the office. It’s a great way to thank staff, to network and to have fun. We want everyone to stay safe and have fun, which is why we have prepared a Christmas party checklist.

COVID SAFE Event Checklist

As an event organiser, you have a duty of care – to both your attendees and your staff. It is always important to consider health and safety risks for your event but COVID-19 has added a new set of rules to implement. Click for our quick Safety Checklist for a COVID SAFE Event.

Bushfire Emergency survival kit

Prepare an emergency survival kit before the bush fire season starts. Keep your Emergency Survival Kit in a waterproof storage container in a location that is easy to get to and that the whole family knows about...

10 Construction Site Security Tips

Thieves are most likely to target construction sites during weekday evenings and vandalism is most likely to happen on weekend evenings. Construction sites can suffer thousands of dollars worth of loss and damage which can put a project on hold for weeks or months at a time and increase costs.

The Top four types of Email Spam

Every day, hundreds of thousands of scam emails flow into the inboxes of users worldwide. Some are becoming much more sophisticated, and increasing numbers of users are being tricked into sharing valuable company information.